Monday, September 9, 2013

Post Vacation

Okay so I was bad while I was on vacation and did not post here on my blog. :)
I got quite a few books read and completely enjoyed Dragon Con. 
5 of 5 stars
So while I was in Dragon Con, I got the pleasure of meeting Sherrilyn Kenyon and getting a signed copy of this book. I have always loved this series and author; and I have to say I was no disappointed with this book in anyway. I cried and got angry and enjoyed hearing the other side of the story. 
I just want to take Styxx and give him a huge hug and not let go, the poor sweet damaged man.

This was a sweet book, those some of the violence was jarring near the end. I really wanted to smack the lead female a few time just because her self-esteem issues, but the young goalie was so sweet it completely made up for it. 
This was a cute little book, great for a vacation read to escape.\
Receive a reviewer copy from NetGalley

Received as a review copy of NetGalley.
This book amused me so much. Those that know me, know I am a drama geek from way back and LOVE Shakespeare.  This book was so cute in the most awesome of ways. 
If you like mash up books give them one a try.