Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snarky Brits and Cleaver Canadian Authors

Can't Be Arsed: Half Arsed Shorter Edition: 63 Things Not to Do Before You Die

I love snark. This book is the perfect book if you are looking for an excuse to not make a bucket list. We all have seen them the 100+ things to do before you die books; this is the anti book. The author is very British and does use terms that might take the American reader a bit to understand but it is worth it. 
I received a reviewer copy from NetGalley.


Gay Pride in Canada with a super hero that bends light. This book was fun, cute and sweet without being overly sexual as so many M/M book tend to be these days. The main character,Kieran, is so cute, and I truly enjoyed the secondary cast of characters. This book was well written and edited. It kept me completely entertained.
The book even surprised me with the twist at the end. I love that in a book.

Received reviewer copy from NetGalley.